Artist - Instructor


Beginning Drawing for Ages 9-11 

or any adult interested in learning to draw.


This course was previously offered through Linn-Benton Community College with a title of:  ​

The Artist's Eye - How We See and Draw

Why Ages 9-11 ???  

This age group is the stage in most students' development that the human brain begins to become more specialized in its skills.  The verbal, analytical and mathematical skills shift to the "verbal left brain mode" and the spatial, creative and global  skills shift to the "visual right brain mode".  The child begins to grow dissatisfied with the imagined drawings of youth and begins to notice that what they see and what they draw are not the same.  It is at this time that the child is ready to learn to use their eyes to capture the information through vision and record what is seen onto paper.  

This workshop takes the participant from the wonderful, expressive and charming drawings of childhood and introduces the basics of drawing what is seen in the world.  In the same way that we learn to use the + (plus) and - (minus) signs to represent an action in math, the drawing student learns to turn flat two-dimension shapes into three-dimensional forms and draw realistically.  The goal is to give the child the tools to utilize the right brain mode of thinking while learning to draw from reality.  

This course was taught to a fourth grade class at Muddy Creek Charter School in Corvallis, Oregon as well as through Linn-Benton Community College.  I can schedule to teach this program to any public or private  teaching group upon request.  This course is excellent for teachers and home-school parents who want their children to learn to draw what they see. Minimum of four participants.  Please contact me for a quote: