Beginning Watercolor Workshop

March 14, 2020 
I will be offering a one-day watercolor exploration workshop in March  14,  Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Non-artists are welcome. Never drawn or painted before? You do not need to know how to draw.  This is about your exploring what watercolor can do and having fun learning the basics of painting on paper while using quality materials which are all supplied for you.
Your total cost is $145 (which includes all needed supplies at a value of $45):  8 hues of professional grade watercolors, two mixing palettes, a variety of watercolor papers, sponge brushes and Raphael professional watercolor “mop” brush (a $20 value).
You will focus on watercolor techniques:  glazes, gradation washes, splash and splatter textures, dissolved edges,  resists, and how to mix your own individual colors. 

Not a beginner?  Intermediate painters will benefit from learning about the double primary color system while you create paintings that convey strong design principles and explore experimental painting surfaces.

The workshop is limited to 8 adult participants.  You will receive plenty of personal guidance within the small group.
How to register:
Please send me your email to me at with subject line:  watercolor workshop
I will confirm your enrollment by email. 

SHARED PAINTING STUDIO - ONGOING....held at 1136 Main Street, Philomath.  $240 first month membership.  Curious? Contact me for more information about our 4-week sessions. Click for more information.

PRIVATE LESSONS - $75/hour with a minimum of two hour sessions in the afternoon. Mondays or Saturdays are currently available.  Contact Donna with preferred dates.


**The amount of accessible information was definitely worthwhile.  I finally understand how our pigments interact to make the color we intend.  The other biggest aha was how to add to watercolors without having them bloom; always more pigment.  Things so fundamental had never been explained successfully to me before! Basics that will surely contribute to richer artwork were presented and then experimented with immediately.  And, I love my new brush.  Kate M.
**You are a great teacher! You break things down into simple and doable concepts. The way you approach color theory and the examples you use built on other classes I've taken, and gave me a deeper understanding of how to mix and use colors. I hope to take more classes from you in the future. Regards, Kat S.
**I enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot!  Thanks, Gail A.
​​​**Thank you so much for the excellent workshop.  You inspired me and I look forward to practicing my new insights. Great day!!!!  Georgia O. 
**Thanks again for an excellent workshop. Inspirational indeed!  Judy M.

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