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**The amount of accessible information was definitely worthwhile.  I finally understand how our pigments interact to make the color we intend.  The other biggest aha was how to add to watercolors without having them bloom; always more pigment.  Things so fundamental had never been explained successfully to me before! Basics that will surely contribute to richer artwork were presented and then experimented with immediately.  And, I love my new brush.  Kate M.
**You are a great teacher! You break things down into simple and doable concepts. The way you approach color theory and the examples you use built on other classes I've taken, and gave me a deeper understanding of how to mix and use colors. I hope to take more classes from you in the future. Regards, Kat S.
**I enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot!  Thanks, Gail A.
​​​**Thank you so much for the excellent workshop.  You inspired me and I look forward to practicing my new insights. Great day!!!!  Georgia O. 
**Thanks again for an excellent workshop. Inspirational indeed!  Judy M.

Due to Covid 19, No workshops are currently scheduled.