Artist - Instructor


How We See and Draw

Course description:

Explore how we see and draw as a foundation to any art class.  When we were children, we drew as children.  Most adults still draw like fourth graders.  Designed as a drawing class for non-artists, we explore how the brain decides which eye it trusts and then learn how the brain selects which hemisphere to use when solving specific problems.  Our two cameras - our two eyes - record two divergent views of the world.  Through guided symbolic sketching, the non-artist will experience how the artist sees and perceives the world, and in turn will learn to draw.  This is a fun way to explore our brain's lesser right hemisphere and a great class to take before any other art class.

To enroll, go to LBCC website:  and enroll in the course.  I hope to see you there.

Supply list:
Soft pencil - 6B
Eraser - soft white 
Sketchbook - 9 X 11" or larger, white paper

These recommended items are listed on my CLASS LIST.